What to Wear to a Wedding

Outfits for wedding guests can be complicated, particularly if we were invited to a huge wedding. If you are not sure what to wear to a wedding, remember that we should follow guidelines based on the event’s formality and time of the day of the ceremony.

After we receive a wedding invitation, one of the top things that come to our minds is the outfit we should wear to that particular event. That’s no surprise, because we all want to be dressed our best for such a special occasion. Not to mention the plenty of wedding pictures Cape Cod or another beautiful location can give us! Especially if the wedding is of a close friend or family member, no effort should be spared to pick the perfect outfit. Don’t worry if you are not an expert in wedding guest outfits; we prepare you an easy guide to follow.

So, let’s get started!

For Women

Informal Weddings

You can go for a skirt and top, sundress, and pants but not jeans in an informal morning or daytime wedding. You do not have to wear high heels. If it is an informal evening wedding, you can wear a dress for flexibility. You can opt for a little black dress and high heels or a maxi dress and flat shoes.

Semi-Formal Weddings

For a semi-formal, daytime wedding, ladies can wear dressy separates or a cocktail dress and heels. If the wedding is in the evening, you can still go for a cocktail dress and high heels. You can try the little black dress for a simple yet elegant look.

Formal Weddings

Black tie optional weddings suggest that ladies can wear a formal dress or a cocktail dress and heels. You can also opt for a jumpsuit for a trendier look. If you will attend a black-tie wedding, look for a dressiest cocktail attire or a formal dress. A white tie wedding means you can wear a floor-length gown with the best jewelry pieces.

Not Specified Dress Codes

If the wedding invitation does not provide dress code details, using the best judgment is the solution. A full-length jumpsuit, little black dress, or a cocktail dress will work. Sandals and high-heeled pumps are always excellent options. Bear in mind that your footwear can make or break your look. So, ensure to pick a pair of shoes based on the dress’s formality. Then, expect the right balance.

Carrying a large purse to weddings is not recommended. Instead, carry a small cross-body bag or a small clutch. If you want to display your trendy side, go for mini bags. A satin or a classic metallic clutch is another excellent choice.

You do not need to bring a tote bag; all you need to have by your side are your phone, lipstick, keys, ID, and a credit card. Then, you are ready to enjoy the wedding while staying in style.

Also, dress appropriately for the location of the wedding. For example, if the location is confined, you might want to dress brightly. However, if you are attending a wedding in an open area, try to keep your clothing colors subtle, such as pastel green, pink, or off-white. Aside from that, if the area is large enough to accommodate both indoor and outdoor wedding venues, such as Wedding Venue in Fort Worth, TX, you may want to keep everything neutral. Everything from your makeup to your clothing, accessories, and so on. So, you don’t need a theme to dress up; simply assess your surroundings and dress up accordingly.

For Men

Informal Weddings

When going to an informal daytime wedding, men will look great with chinos or slacks and a tucked-in shirt. Then, go for loafer or oxfords rather than sneakers. If the informal wedding is in the evening, the outfit requirements are similar to the daytime. However, you can add a jacket. You do not need to wear a tie.

Semi-Formal Weddings

Are you going to attend a semi-formal, daytime wedding? Then, a suit and dress shoes will work well for you. While a tie is an optional fashion piece, wearing it offers a smart look. A line or light color suit works well in the summer months. If the outfit is for a winter or fall wedding, go for a heavier fabric.

For s semi-formal evening wedding, men can opt for a suit and dress shoes. You can also wear a tie for a smart look, but it is optional. However, if the wedding starts after 6 PM, you need to wear a tie.

Formal Weddings

If you are looking for a perfect outfit for the optional black-tie wedding, you cannot go wrong with a dark suit or tuxedo and tie. Then, wear your black dress shoes. . Additionally, you can consider wearing Custom Wedding Suits which can be tailor-made for such occasions. That said, when attending a black-tie wedding, you may wear a black suit or tuxedo with a black tie.

For a white tie, men can go for a tuxedo with a vest and a white bow. Ensure that the jacket has tails to enhance your look. Then, opt for black patent leather dress shoes. To that end, wearing minimalist titanium or tungsten ring (look for mens tungsten wedding rings) can also add to the elegance of your look.


There you have it! We hope that our guide will help you a lot every time you need to attend a wedding with different dress codes. No matter what your outfit is, show your confidence!