About Me

Hi! I am Rhonda Stewart. Discover here my life hacks, my crafts, my inspirations but also what makes my daily life: my family, my travels… and everything that stimulates me!

How Did I Get Into Blogging?

I spent hours researching about blogging, how to create a blog, what kind of content to publish, what categories to add to my blog. I have to say that some of the articles really helped me. I found a lot of tips and good material on blogging. Pinterest is also a very good source of inspiration on blogging when you’re just starting out and looking for ways to get started.

In short, I found one main piece of advice: Find a niche! It was an advice that came up very often but it didn’t really correspond to what I wanted to do: a multi-themed blog seemed like the best option!

I didn’t deviate from my desire and I created RJ City, a lifestyle blog that corresponds to what I am. I like to talk about a lot of different subjects and I don’t mind having less views because it’s not a niche blog.

Having a lifestyle blog allows you not to close doors and to write according to your desires of the moment: reading, beauty, travels, family etc. It also allows readers to get an idea of who I am through the different snapshots of my life that I share in my articles. 

Do you know what? In the end, I was right to listen to myself because today I don’t regret anything. I still have a lot of completely different subjects to talk about on the blog, so I don’t limit myself! Throughout my articles, I share my way of looking at life and I try to show that happiness is found in the little simple things. This space allows me to tackle the subjects that are dear to my heart and that fill my daily life.