Style Icons for Men

Styling has always been my passion. I can create something unique, stylish, and stunning. Every time I design, it makes my heart pound, and new ideas always pop up in my mind.

But sometimes, I run out of ideas and lose inspiration. That’s normal! Yes, it is frustrating and daunting. But trust me. You are more than capable than you have thought.

I have also gathered some popular style icons that would help you free your mind, find new ideas, and create something extraordinary.

Here are a few style icons that you cannot afford to overlook:

Clint Eastwood

You probably have done some research over the internet. There are many style icons. But Clint Eastwood ranks number one on our list. Most people believe that Clint was only a versatile Hollywood star and a respected director in the 1960s. But Clint is also a fashion icon, where he is known for his irresistible masculine style. Plus, he is a master of coarse fabrics and rugged textures, too.

Elvis Presley

What comes into your mind when you think of Elvis Presley? Is it the jumpsuit and glittering fashion style?

As a modern man, it would take a lot of courage and confidence to wear that style. But you don’t have to.

Remember that Elvis Presley also popularized a unique yet stunning fashion style that you could emulate for sure.

From the Cuban-collar shirts, high-waisted trousers to Harrington jackets, Elvis was a style icon, indeed.

Apart from his big hit songs, Elvis has a significant influence on men’s hair of today with his signature pompadour.

Robert Redford

Who would not know Robert Redford? Aside from being a Hollywood legend, he is a sartorial icon of classic cinema.

While Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando were known for their rugged and rebellious fashion style, Robert Redford has his preppy style.

Although he was not as prominent as Elvis Presley, Robert Redford did relatively influence today’s menswear, which is not surprising at all.

Steve McQueen

Another style icon that would help you come up with a fantastic OOT is probably Steve McQueen. Three-piece suits, shawl-collar cardigan, and silk ties have been associated with his name for the past decades.

Although years had passed, Steve McQueen’s style remains influential among modern men.

What sets him stand out from the rest is that he has that charm, captivating eyes, and irresistible confidence.

Whatever outfit you wear, it’s your smile that would make you the most attractive person in a pack. Increasing your self-esteem, however, does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, it is a long process.

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Tyler the Creator

Enough for the style icons in the 20th century. We also have countless modern fashion icons, of course. Tyler the Creator is one without a doubt. He is a fan of Supreme, where he usually wears during sidewalk surfing. He has also worn Comme des Garcons on a top US magazine’s front cover. Besides being an award-winning musician, Tyler the Creator founded Golf Le Fleur clothing, focusing on a pastel preppy aesthetic.

Additionally, rugby shirts, bold camp collar shirts, and vibrant suiting are some of his most iconic looks you should not miss.

John Mayer

Yes, John Mayer is an award-winning Rockstar, and I love most of his songs, from Gravity (2005), Your Body is a Wonderland (2001), New Light (2018), Free Fallin’, Daughters (2004) to Half of My Heart (2009).

Aside from a Rockstar, John Mayer knows how to dress perfectly. He really has mastered combining the right pair of streetwear, Ura-Harajuku, and techwear for me.

Are you having a hard time styling yourself? There is nothing to worry about! Even the best stylists and designers encounter the same trouble, remember!

I encourage you to do some research online. I hope these style icons would really help you throughout the process.

I suggest you not stick to your comfort zone. Always take risks and try something new. It would be uncomfortable, but you would get used to it. Believe me!