Bonging: The Power of the Freeze Pipe

There is bonging and there is bonging. We can make the experience the smoothest possible when we have the power to freeze. This is where the Freeze Pipe comes in. It is a device now available that will enhance the experience of bonging for those currently enjoying it to a point.

Let us then demystify the Freeze Pipe and find out what it is and how the Freeze Pipe makes the best ice bongs.


What is a Freeze Pipe?

A Freeze Pipe is a device that is made from glass and has a unique feature that allows it to cool smoke by more than 300°. It sits alongside other devices such as bongs and bubblers. The Freeze Pipe is all about improving the experience, or hit, for someone who will smoke with the aid of a bong-like device. The way the Freeze Pipe will cool the smoke will improve the smoothness of the hit for the user. The purpose of increasing the smoothness is to avoid any burning of the throat or lungs during the process of smoking.


The Secrets of the Freeze Pipe

A Freeze Pipe can perform its magic because it will use glycerin that will not only freeze quicker but also stay frozen for longer than water can. Glycerin is just as natural as water because it is organic. Also, it is a gel that is non-toxic, and so not harmful to the Freeze Pipe user. Safety is very much in mind as well as improving the hit.

The Freeze Pipe gives a whole new meaning to the word “cool”. You can be cool now because of a process that is all about making the smoke cool. You can enjoy the experience alone or with friends. It is an experience that is proven to be a relaxing one that allows you to “chill out”, in other words, relax until your heart is content. It is about enjoying life and forgetting about the woes and hardships that can often accompany meaningful living.

No longer a secret, the Freeze Pipe is one of the best inventions that the bonging world has seen in more recent years. Smoking should be a pleasure and these new devices make it even more so.


How Smokers and Bongers Can Benefit from this New Device

The Freeze Pipe is all about making the hit smoother, so it will provide a pleasanter way to achieve the biggest hit. 

Freeze Pipes are made from thick glass and so are durable to use. This makes them excellent value for money as an alternative to bong with. They are smaller than bongs too.

Many consider that a Freeze Pipe produces a smoother bong than a regular pipe will. One user suggested that pulling on it slowly allowed for the smoke to cool down in the coils better than hitting the pipe too quickly. This is to avoid the burning sensation that would otherwise accompany the combustion process. It is good to study blogs from other users for some tips on how to make the most of your Freeze Pipe.


There is no doubt that the Freeze Pipe is a revolutionary device. It has entered the bonging world more recently and is something new to experience if you are forever looking for ways to enjoy the pleasure more. Some smoke alone, while others prefer to do it in groups. Whatever way you find the most relaxing, there is nothing better than achieving the biggest and smoothest hit because of the device that you use. It has become an expectation now that we have the smoothness. Freezing the smoke is the solution that makes this possible.

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