What Watch to Wear and When

I am a big fan of watches as they add interest to every outfit I wear. They never disappoint me to complete the look I like to achieve. They are also easy to wear.

Who else wants watches as much as I do? Raise your hand. Perhaps, most of you also love these accessories.

But what watch to wear and when? When I was starting, it is also my biggest concern. But over the years, I can finally say that I have overcome this trouble.

For those who have the same struggle, don’t worry! Here are some easy tips and tricks that I want to share with you:

Analog Watches

I have a collection of watches. I love collecting different timepieces since when I was young. But analog watches are among my favorites.

Although they are classic, analog watches remain a go-to choice for people of all ages, right? Though they are traditional, these watches are available in multiple styles and designs, meeting the young generation’s unique needs and expectations.

Analog watches can be affordable and expensive. If you are on a budget or willing to spend more, analog watches come in various pricing options. There are cheap and luxurious brands to choose from.

Analog timepieces are also perfect for formal events like business meetings.

Digital Watches

I also have digital watches, and they are my best buddies whenever I go to the gym because of their fantastic features, from alarms, calculators, GPS to calendars.

Unlike analog timepieces, digital ones are cost-effective. That’s why I have a bunch of them. Even if they are cheap, they can withstand the test of time. Although they are not as sturdy as analog watches, they are also durable.

If you do not have digital watches yet, they are an excellent addition to your closet. Trust me. But I would not encourage everyone to wear them during formal occasions. They are super casual. You can use them when you go out for your exercise morning routine.

Dress Watches

Who would not fall in love with dress watches? In my case, they are among my go-to timepieces ever since I was studying in college.

They are minimalist yet super chic and effortlessly elegant. What I enjoy about dress watches is that they blend into my outfit. They are a superb finishing touch, I’d say. With their simplicity and high fashion statement, I wear them during formal events. They really capture my friend’s interest and attention.

They also come in a variety of styles and designs. They are innovative and high-end. If you are searching for minimalist yet elegant timepieces, I highly recommend dress watches.

Diver’s Watches

I am an adventurous type of person, and I love diving big time. When I am diving, I stay underwater for almost an hour. The coral reefs, rock formations, and other sea creatures never disappoint to amaze me.

I am always forgetful of the time, that’s why I wear diver’s watches. Compared to analog and digital timepieces, diver’s watches are more water-resistant and sturdier.

If you are an adventurous person and want to try new adventures, diving is highly recommended. If you have a scuba mask, snorkel, scuba fins, and wetsuit, do not forget the diver’s watches.

You can make the most use of this watch the next time you go on a beach vacation and choose to do snorkeling, scuba diving, or Kai Kanani sailing.

Chrono/Sports Watches

Another watch you should not miss to wear is a Chrono or sports watch.

While they are not as elegant as a dress watch, they are stylish and stunning, especially when you invest in higher brands.

More than the aesthetic design, Chrono/sports watches are sleek, sturdy, and made from the finest plastic composites.

My mom gave me a Chrono/sports watch during my birthday in 2018. Now, my sports timepiece remains chic, elegant, and new.

Year after year, new functions have been introduced into the market. That’s why most sports watches have GPS technology, odometers, altimeters, and even pulse monitors.

Sports watches are an excellent accessory for formal and even casual events.

So, what’s your choice? I recommend them all. Yes, they require a lot of money. But investing in any of these timepieces is worth it, after all.

If you find it hard to pick the best brand, don’t be afraid to ask for help from some of your closest friends and family to save your time.